All Black Everything

There’s a reason that most of my wardrobe consists of mainly black, because it never fails to look AH-MAZING in any circumstance. I’ve sadly not had the chance to wear this gorgeous bodysuit out properly yet. I feel it’s a waste having such a lavish item just folded away in my drawer going to waste, I really need to find an occasion to wear it to.
I teamed it with these really flattering trousers from Rare London that suck you in in all the right places, but at the same time have that perfect stretch to them so it doesn’t feel like you can’t bend your knees (I hate that feeling).
A killer pair of heels with an entirely H2T black outfit is the finishing touch for me… theres no doubt about it. Not sure if I’d survive an entire night stood up in these bad boys though!
Misspap discount // FashernablyLate

Bodysuit – Misspap
Trousers – Rare London
Heels – Linzi