Mark Hill: Magic Wand Review

I’ve been a huge lover of curling wands since they first came out quite a while ago.. I used to walk past the stands in the shopping centres really slowly, just so I could watch the assistants do their thing & transform normal hair into princess hair! They’re so many different brands and types of wands these days, that’s its hard to know which one to go for? I was kindly sent this little bundle of Mark Hill products from the lovelies at Label PR to review. I’ll talk you through the steps I took to create my final look & what products I loved the most and what ones not so much!

The first thing I rate this styling wand for is the affordability factor at just £29.99 (similar here). It does exactly what it says on the tin (or box rather) and the aesthetics are quite pleasing to the eye. The only downfall is that I feel it needs a temperature gauge so you can create a looser curl with ease as this does heat up to an incredibly high temperature! (make sure you wear the gloves ladies!)

I only tend to use product on my hair when it’s been washed. A little argon oil & heat protection spray and I’m all set. However, I found this ‘Perfect Blow Dry Spray‘ to be my favourite product of the bunch! I sprayed it evenly across my towel dried hair and ran a brush through it as normal. I was quite generous with the amount I applied and continued to blast my hair dry. When I had completely dried and I had styled my hair with the wand, I found the curls lasted so much longer than usual. As with long hair comes the weight and the annoying fact that the curls you’ve spent ages styling drop out hours later. My curls still dropped slightly (I prefer them like this anyway) but they held their game & stayed put enough for me to not have to restyle my hair the following morning!

All the Mark Hill products have a sugary sweet smell to them that makes you almost want to eat it (don’t worry I didn’t) and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. I used this ‘Perfecting Polish‘ as the final step in styling my hair. I used a tiny amount and warmed it up in my palms a little and ran it through the areas I found were a little fly-away. I also use this on the roots of my hair when it’s straight to give it an extra sleek finish!
To style my hair:
-I start at the nape of my neck and separate a chunk of my hair, clipping the rest out of the way
-The aim is to create even sections of hair so each curl is the same style. If you have sections that are thinner/thicker than each other, your curls will fall tighter/looser which isn’t what you want to achieve
-The bottom section of my hair tends to be thinner, so these slices will generally be larger in size than the slices in the middle of my head to compensate for thickness
-Work your way up and around the rest of your hair
-I tend to leave the sections of hair that frame my face to the end. I then curl these sections in one go. This allows the curls to sit nicely at the front
-I then use a large toothed comb to brush through curls which creates a gorgeous wave!
Top Top: hold the wand so the wire is at the top and wrap the hair around working from the top of your head to your shoulders.

To create loose curls:
-I section my hair very roughly (I don’t even use a clip, I just section parts and go for it)
-I then wrap my hair around the wand loosely and for various lengths of time on each section
-I do this method until I achieve my desired look
-I find this method creates a much more relaxed look and I wear it like this during the day
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Do you use a curling wand? What’s your favourite method for curling hair?