Pixi Beauty: Achieving That Summer Glow

I’ve always found the transitional/in-between weather period hard to get through without feeling like a lost puppy. Pretty much everything in my wardrobe doesn’t fit the bill & the same goes for my make up routine. I have to admit, I used to be horrendous with my make up routine… It’s only over the last year or so I’ve really taken an interest into looking after my skin and paying attention to what products work for my skin type & what don’t. With the warmer weather approaching (very slowly I may add), I thought it was time to look into changing my everyday routine, so I teamed up with Pixi Beauty & got my bronzed goddess look down to a T.
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Pixi are best known for their easy to use products for women on the go, which is perfect for someone like me who wears a full face of make up everyday without wanting to look like I’ve caked it on. The natural tones of these products have definitely helped me achieve the subtle bronzed glow I’ve been lusting over on Instagram.
I started out by using the Glowtion Day Dew as a moisturising base. It also acts as a primer and soaks into the skin instantly which really appealed to me. As someone that suffers with oily skin, I found this gave me a healthy glow throughout the day, without me feeling the need to powder my T zone every other hour. The scent of lavender wasn’t quite pleasant, although the scent is very light and luckily it didn’t linger throughout the day. If you’re braver than I am, you can wear this as a stand alone base for that instant glow or with a touch of concealer if you’re wanting slightly extra coverage.
To stay looking flawless during the warmer months, this little Quick Fix Bronzer is the perfect compact fixer-upper you could ask for. I added this to my cheeks (avoiding the apple parts) and near my hair line which created a subtle but effortless depth to my make up. As someone with naturally tanned skin, most bronzing products can make me look orange very quickly, but with the puff applicator, it’s really easy to control how heavy you’d like to apply it. It also has a nifty little mirror attached to the top, extra brownie points from me (Im forever using my selfie camera which just isn’t the same).

I then went on to use one of the Mesmerising Mineral Palettes in shade Copper Peach. I’m usually pretty scared when it comes to using eye shadows and the thought of an entire palette and what shades to choose & blend together can be really tricky for a non make up pro like myself. I found the shades in this palette really complimented each other, making it easier for me to look less clown-like if it went wrong. I gave my brow bone a little highlight in the lightest shade and went on to blend most of my lid with two medium shades. I’m pretty proud of myself that it turned out so well & it took me less than 5 minutes to do both!

I’m an avid fan of winged liner & the blackest of black mascaras that it’s a step in my make up routine that simply can not be missed. I don’t enjoy wearing false lashes as they irritate my eyes and ping off at the most inconvenient of times, but this Lengthy Fiber Mascara have given falsies a good run for their money. The fibres are included within the mascara tube, which makes it much more hassle free and convenient unlike other fiber mascaras on the market. I always go in with a second coat of mascara to give my lashes an extra lift and this helped me achieve that without them going clumpy!

Anyone that knows me, or that has read my blog for a while will know what an huge lipstick lover I am. One simply does not leave the house without some form of product on the lips (said in GoT style voice). I can’t possibly count the endless amounts of pink lipsticks I own (my obsession has moved over to the nude hue, but that’s another story), so I was excited to try this Mattelustre Lipstick (Peach Blossom) lippy & put it to the test as it’s not a colour I would usually go for. I applied it straight onto my lips & gave it a good 3/4 coats of the stuff before I was happy with how it looked. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to pull this coral toned lip off (this will have probably started a coral lippy obsession now). It contains lots of goodness said to create a fuller pouty lip & I’m in love with the semi-matte finish! 
I wasn’t too sure about adding the Endless Silky Eye Pen (Cobalt Blue) into this mainly bronzed-dewy look I had achieved and that I actually really liked! I’m a fan of adding a pop of colour, so this is definitely on my list of products to try out next time! My final Pixi Beauty face can be seen below!

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