The Reason Why I’m Going Vegan

As we grow older, we learn to look after ourselves a lot better. Whether we do this subconsciously, or because your metabolism doesn’t digest those Mr Kipling slices as well as it used to, making changes to your diet is something we all do. The change that I have decided to make, is quite a huge one. It will impact on almost every aspect of my life, but this is something I think I’m OK with. It’s been something that has slowly edged closer to the forefront of my mind, yet taken me a while to actually pursue. Let me tell you why…

 Growing up, I never really thought about what I ate. A plate of food was placed in front of me & I ate it without question. It was that simple. I could devour a 1/2 chicken and 2 sides at Nando’s no problem and not think twice about it. Those gross jiggly bits in the Chicken? Not so much… I was so removed from the process about where my food was coming from, simply because I had never thought to question it. No one had made me question it, it seemed like the norm…right? We’re supposed to eat meat & diary…. right?
It wasn’t until I had the pleasure of working with someone, who had mentioned the fact that we’re the only species on the planet, that drinks another animals milk. We drink the milk from a cow, that’s for their young. As we drink the milk from our Mothers, why? It’s nature.. So why are we drinking calves baby food? This baffled me! You open your fridge, grab your milk and pour it all over your cereal without thinking twice. It completely freaked me out and there and then, I made the choice to stop drinking milk. But this was just the beginning…
What better day to go meat free, than Christmas day itself? Blah blah Christmas isn’t the same without a Turkey and all the trimming, yes, I’ve heard it all before. But I can honestly say that I don’t miss it at all! If I’m honest, it wasn’t for ethical reasons or anything like that (at first). In fact, I was still quite oblivious to just how detrimental the meat & diary industry was to our environment, but that’s another story for another blog post (or just watch Cowspiracy – it’s on Netflix).

My veggie lifestyle, minus the milk, was a breeze to transition to. I LOVE cheese & poached eggs were my go-to for whipping up a quick bite to eat, I was in food heaven! I had never actually cooked meat myself, so I wasn’t missing out on anything too much. But, with the power of social media and all the articles and horrifying videos shared on my Facebook feed, I began feeling guilty for eating dairy & eggs. The feeling of guilt grew inside me day by day & I was so aware that the cheese I was grating for my jacket potato had put a poor cow through pain & suffering -it tasted tainted, it just wasn’t the same. I believe I try to be a positive person and lead a positive lifestyle, yet I was still fuelling my body with animal products – something had to change. 
It’s not going to be an easy transition and food is probably the tip of the iceberg in the changes I need to make, or want to make, but I can’t personally can’t see any negatives about going vegan. I’m quite excited by the prospect of learning how to cook new foods & filling my body with nothing but plant-based goodness. So far this transition has happened over the span of 2 years, some make the change overnight…. But I’ll keep you updated with my journey.

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