Throwin’ It Back To 2012

The world of blogging has changed drastically since I first launched my blog back in 2012 so I wanted to put a little post together to show you how my blog has transformed over the years. It’s hard to believe that I’ve had this blog up & running for 4 years now (4 very inconsistent years may I add), but back when I started, the content on my blog was incredibly different to what it is now. My posts consisted of nail art tutorials, DIY’s and my favourite McQueen collection that season along side the occasional ‘High Street Faves’ post. It was my favourite pass time and I found myself reading more and more blogs (procrastination at its finest) and I wanted to expand on my content with OOTD posts after lusting over the fashion blogs that I had began reading religiously.

It all started with taking pictures on my trusty old iPhone 4 in my garden by my Mother. I then edited the images on multiple photo apps, over saturating them and adding god awful borders around them (they were totally in back then, ok?).  I eventually upgraded to an SLR camera, but had no clue how to use it and trusted the fact that shooting on auto would suffice just because it was taken on a SLR camera.. 
Since then, I’ve taught myself how to shoot in manual mode, become a real pro at Photoshop (some mobile apps are still involved), become more confident posing in front of the camera in public and just generally producing images that are much higher in quality and that are actually in focus!
Lets just say I was worlds away from over the over exposed images, flat lays, bokeh backgrounds and essential 45mm lenses that are now considered any bloggers starter pack these days. But without a doubt, at the time I was over the moon with my images and thought they looked great! Looking back to where I began is sort of looking through those cringy pictures of yourself as a child where you thought blue eyeshadow and popper trousers were the shit.
I’ve been non stop cringing looking at these, but hey… It’s also kind of satisfying seeing how far you’ve come! It’s also eased a little of the pressure I was laying on myself about improving my photography… because you know what? I most certainly have!
I’ll stop blabbing now so you can have a little giggle and scroll through the photos! Enjoy! x
I’ve enjoyed putting this post together, it’s reminded me to take some of the pressure off myself as I’m naturally improving and moving in the right direction. I could go on for days with the amount of images I have, but condensed it down so I didn’t bore you half to death… Do you have any old blog imagery that makes you feel proud about how far you’ve come? If so, I’d LOVE to see! Please comment on the post, or tweet me at @FashernablyLate 🙂

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