Ticking The Next Age Bracket

Its a scary realisation when you’re filling out some basic info to get access to that all important free wifi (to catch Pokemon of course) when you realise that you’ll be hitting the big Two-Five in just a few short months. The fact that we’re in the middle of July when I still think it’s June is crazy enough with how quickly time is passing by, so I know that I’ll be blowing out those candles on my cake real soon.

Turning another year older has never really bothered me… up until now. I feel like I’m sort of stuck in limbo. I don’t have kids, I still live at home & I’m still trying to figure out what it is I want in life. By no means is this a bad thing though… I’ve had numerous conversations with my friends about how we’d love to buy a one way plane ticket to Fiji and start an adventure. But on the flip side, talking about how we need to get our careers off the ground. I know I’m not alone in limbo, it’s pretty busy here actually..
If I was my Mum at this age, I’d have a 6 year old & another one on the way, as well as running a family business, owning a house & maintaining it too. I’m yet to tick anything off that list, in fact, I’m worlds away from any of that and I’m still learning how to successfully fully function as an Adult for at least 3 days in a row.
One thing I’ve noticed in myself about getting older is my ability to be quite mature about things and situations I’ve have to deal with recently that the 23 year old Sabina would not have dealt with very well. And I guess if I have to turn another year old and move up into the next age bracket (ew) at least I can do so knowing that I’ve become a lot more mature. Improving yourself is key, regardless if you’re in limbo or not.
Have you ever struggled with getting another year older and feeling like your behind where you should be at your age?
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