10 Types of Pokemon On Tinder

1.  Machoke

Swipe, swipe, swipe… how many pictures of your rock hard abs and perky pecks do you need to upload? We get it, you love the gym and you’re mega ripped. Now how about a picture with your clothes on?


2.  Squirtle
It’s either always sunny where you are, or you’re definitely hiding something behind those shades. Too cool for school. (swipes left)

3. Ninetales

This ones an absolute hottie. You consider giving them a super-like, but ponder over if its worth looking mega keen. *whoops, accidentally just hit super-like* – Ah, well.

4. Exeggcute
How are we supposed to know which one out of the 18 guys is you!? Selfie game? Definitely not strong. We’re just going to assume you’re the not so pretty one way in the back there.
5. Charizard

This guy does what he wants. Maybe he’ll message you back, maybe he won’t? He’ll disappear for a month and make an appearance when he’s good and ready. *rolls eyes*


6. Diglett
No matter what dating app you use, you find yourself coming across this one time & time again. Maybe it’s the universe giving you a sign, maybe it’s fate? Maybe you should swipe right and give the fella a chance? Nah.

7. Butterfree

The one guy who’s being a proper keeno and doesn’t care about the double texting rule. *unmatch*

8. Rattata

When you write ‘just ask’ in your bio, we immediately assume you lack any form of personality and we feel our lives would be much better if we didn’t ‘ask’ at all. Fix up mate.

9. Mewtwo

There’s a rumour that genuinely nice guys are on here! It takes utter determination and endless swipes to the left before you even come close to discovering this rare treat.


10. Eevee
When your age bracket is set to 26 – 35 and a 28 year old with the most child like face pops up and you start to freak out. On further investigation you find out that Tinder F**ked up and he really is just 16. Panic over.


All images sourced from HERE