Flavour, Tell Me What’s Your Flavour? | Beanies Flavour Coffee

I think one of the reasons it’s taken me years to get into coffee is the dislike to its bitter taste. 4 sugars later & its just about drinkable. The only kind of coffee’s I drink are ones topped up with syrups & flavours, but at £4 a pop it can get quite pricey!
I can’t really say that I’m quite the coffee connoisseur, with what having only purchased a cafetiere just a few months ago (making me a feel a tad grown up). But in all honesty I think you could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve used it. It’s all a bit of a faff, especially when you’re rushing around at 6:30am getting ready for work. I’ve soon come to realise that I’m more of an instant coffee kinda gal, but the choices of flavoured instant coffee is quite limited! So, when Beanies got in touch about gifting me with their flavoured coffees to try, I was delighted!
Beanies offer 65 different types of coffee including blend/roast/flavour with everything from Irish Cream, Macadamia Nut & even Caribbean Bean Rum that are all Vegan, Sugar free & even Gluten Free (winning all round in my family)! I got my hands on the ‘My Beanies Stash‘ (£22.50) & you can choose what 9 flavours you want in the box (helloooo great Xmas present for coffee lovers). I’ve been slowly making my way through all 9 flavours, my favourite so far being chocolate orange & cinder toffee (drool).
I’ve been trying to limit my sugar intake recently, let’s be honest, 4 sugars in every drink is not doing my thighs any good, so I’ve been trying out Agave syrup in my coffee’s instead (even in my smoothies)! It’s usually in the baking isle near the supermarket if you’d like to pick some up. I would definitely recommend trying this as it’s a natural sweetener and it’s not affected the taste of my drinks either!
Are you a flavoured coffee lover? Or do you prefer an OG cup of coffee?