In For The Fall With Dorothy Perkins + My Hair Care Routine

We’re almost a week into September now (how has that happened!?) & the last of Summer is on it’s way out with the festival season coming to an end too! I have to admit, I’m pretty excited for the following months as they’re my favourite of the year (my birthday next month has nothing to with it either).

When it’s not chucking it down in Manchester, the days have stayed pretty warm so I took my Dorothy Perkins sandals out for a whirl for what will probably be the first & last time this year *sob*. I’m liking some of the transitional pieces DP have in at the moment, particularly these jeggings which are pretty much on par with actual jeans, belt hoops & all! I teamed it with a white cropped blazer & pink chiffon top – a look, which for me, felt a little grown up as the blazer has slight padding in the shoulders. Hellooooo 80’s.

What’s Your Hair Care Routine?

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about how I take care of my hair, what products I use and how I’ve maintained the length & condition over the years. I don’t use many products on my hair, not do I have a long & complicated hair care routine, but the products I do use, I swear by so I’m excited to share with you all my faves and hopefully you’ll like them too!  So…. without further ado, I’ve jotted it all down for you below. Enjoy!

Shampoo & Conditioner: Shea Moisture Black Jamaican Castor Oil Repair 
I was recommended this by my sister after complimenting her on how lovely and fresh her hair smelt! I think she used a different variant, but I was drawn to the Jamaican Castor Oil one as I use the actual oil itself on my lashes to help them grow (this works a treat, would definitely recommend this too).

Serums: Argan Oil
I always use Argan Oil on my hair when its just been washed (about 6/7 pumps as my hair is quite long & thick). I smooth this mainly through the middle right down to the ends of my hair, avoiding the roots. Once my hair is either dry or styled, I use another pump to tame the frizzy bit around the roots and ends of my hair.

StylerL’Oreal Steam Pod

I used to always style my hair with my GHD’s but switched to styling my hair with my L’Oreal Steam Pod over a year ago now. I could not recommend this styler enough! Although it’s quite bulky so I can’t take it places with me, I feel like it’s helped my hair grow and maintain really healthy. You can use it to straight/curl/wave your hair and it’s an all round amazing styler!

I use several different oils on my hair, you can find them here:
Pumpkin & Peppermint Essential Oil (watch video on how to use here)
I get my hair cut around 3 times a year (I hate getting it cut)
I always use a paddle brush as tangle teasers just do not go through my hair
I avoid drying my hair with a hair dryer & if I do, I don’t run a brush through it until it’s 70% dry as   wet hair is weak & stretches.
Aaaaand that’s it folks! I told you it wasn’t a long hair care routine! I’m pretty quick (maybe boring) with what I do with my hair, but if you do try out any of the products, tweet me at @FashernablyLate & let me know what you thought of them!


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