No. #1 Fashion Blog in Manchester

Do you know the feeling of joy when a parcel arrives and you’re really excited to rip open the packaging and take out your shiny new item? Well this is what I get like when emails ping through to my phone. Weather it’s a general enquiry email or an exciting new collaboration, I’m always happy to see that little (1) notification. So, when I received an email through from the lovely people at Custard PR with some amazing news, a million emotions ran through me and I was in awe. New parcel feeling x 10! My little blog has only been ranked no. #1 Fashion blog in Manchester! How amazing!?
There are so many amazing Fashion Bloggers who’s style and creativity I admire and look up to that it wasn’t long ago that I wrote in my ‘Throwin’ It Back to 2012′ post about how I’m constantly putting pressure on myself to improve and grow as a blogger. This feeling has become present even more so recently, with juggling long working hours & making sure my blog doesn’t suffer because of it, I constantly feel like I could be doing much better! But I finally feel like I’ve reached my comfort zone and I know my own personal style down to a T. Not just my fashion choices, but also with my image editing, Instagram theme and writing style.
So when I received this amazing news, it couldn’t have come at a better time, It was a breath of fresh air hearing and also confirmed to me that my hard work was paying and getting recognised.  I asked the lovely team at Custard PR how they concluded their choice and it came down to my friendly writing style, blog layout & photography that really stood out to them.
You can read the article HERE & if you also like my blog for the reasons mentioned, you can win a £50 food voucher simply by voting for me! All you need to do is copy & paste the following text on TWITTER. 

“I could win a £50 voucher by voting @fashernablylate as the best of @CustardMedia’s Manchester bloggers!”

Thank you!
Coat – Motel Rocks

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