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Monday, 10 October 2016

Bloggers In Bad Press

The Fashion Industry is always changing and what happens when you get change? People tend to disagree or hate on how things that are starting to develop, mainly due to this change either not benefiting them or purely just because they don't like change. Fact. For me, I think it's the latter that most people can't deal with. People high up in the ranks of the industry or people who have been around for a while...  these are the ones that start getting bitchy.

I've seen far too many posts surrounding Fashion month & how bloggers have been perceived since attending more and more over the years.  Now, bloggers have attended various fashion week's for many years and with the increase in number of bloggers, only a genius can imagine the knock on effect this is going to have. It troubles me to see articles on Vogue slating bloggers for being paid to wear certain items of clothing during shows & that many just swarm up and down the paps central just to get spotted. But you know what? I'm rooting for those girls deep down. No blogger gets spotted or to the stage where they're influential enough to be paid to wear clothing (most likely which they have picked/reflects their style) over night. Those girls most likely worked their arses off to get to that stage & I personally don't think they should be knocked from now earning a living from something they're so obviously great at! This includes bloggers receiving hate for accepting sponsored content on their blogs/Instagram. Most bloggers only endorse products they believe in & still review them with an honest voice.

The reason for this little rant started a while ago when I saw various blog posts about how the blogging world had changed, how it had become a some what perfectionist dream for bright white imagery and amazing flat lays taken on the latest camera and that how true blogging had gotten lost amongst the thousands of girls & guys flooding to be a part of this new hype. Nothing stays the same forever, in life or in the fashion/blogging world. Things change and I doubt that a lot of the bloggers who have been around for a good 3/4 years, never dreamed of making a little hobby a full time job. Guess what? It just sort of happened.

The reason so many people have jumped on the whole blogger/vlogger band wagon is simply because anyone can do it! Anyone with access to the internet & a smartphone has the means to start up a blog or Youtube channel and express themself through creativity, which is incredibly well thought out. So why are bloggers being criticised for this? It's the same in any industry... people will do what they think will help them reach the top and it's undoubtably the same in the blogging world too.

How do you feel about bloggers being criticised during fashion Month & accepting sponsored content?




  1. I think as you say if bloggers are picked by brands for sponsored content they must see the value in their blog and accessing their audience.

  2. It annoys me how much bloggers get criticised - its like if you do one thing, its wrong. If you do the opposite, its wrong. You can't win!

  3. It's a shame that people feel the need to knock others down. I'm completely with you on this one! ☺️

  4. Blogging has changed but that's only because the industry has grown which is a good thing. I do think Vogue were totally out of line in the article - I did wonder if they feel threatened by bloggers as they can be seen as digital advertising which is basically what they do. It was a totally unclassy thing for Vogue to do though xo

  5. I think all the bad press is stupid. I think many people don't quite understand blogging - although you say everyone can do it, it doesn't mean it's easy. It looks easy, of course, compared to setting up a fashion magazine so I can understand why people who have put years of work and tons of money into something like that feel negatively, they must almost see it as a younger generation just jumping on a fad and reaping the rewards with little to know challenge. But of course we know how hard it is and why we deserve rewards like front row seats at LFW - we've worked just as hard, and it is, at the end of the day, naturally the way the industry is going x

  6. I say live and let live, concentrate on doing your thing and ignore all the noise around you:-)

  7. Vogue is hypocritical, most of it's content is sponsored, the magazine is one long advert. I think the traditional press is feeling very threatened at the moment.

  8. I saw the article on Vogue and I don't think it was fair for them to speak bad about fashion bloggers. I guess they forgot Chiara Ferragni was featured on the cover of Vogue Spain?

  9. I dont think its good at all, because most fashion bloggers really have worked to be where they are. It annoys me that people think anyone can become good at blogging but that's not how it works. I have been blogging for 10 years and I am still not one of the biggest ones. I think it's just jealousy really.

    Your style is amazing btw loving your blog, you deserve more followers x


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