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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Halloween in Fifteen with New Look

As we say our final goodbye's to Summer & the days get darker, a gush of excitement hits me every year at this time because it's without a doubt the best time of year! Halloween has been my favourite holiday (can we call it a holiday!?) since I was a child. I love any opportunity to dress up and it was safe to say I spent a good portion of my student loan buying costumes to wear every other weekend. October being my birthday month, I'm naturally hyped for a solid 3 weeks of fun. My birthday of course, Halloween following and then, bonfire night!

As I'm an avid fan of Halloween, I start pondering over costume idea far in advance more than any other normal human being. There are some strong contenders this year, with my top 2 being Eleven from Stranger thing (pink dress, bad blonde wig & blood on the nose) & Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad (without a doubt a staple Halloween costume for years to come. I'm so happy theres a modern female cult character to go along side guys Joker costume, right?

Believe it or not, I know not everyone is stupidly eager like myself, so I teamed up with New Look to put together a super quick and easy, not to mention pretty chic, last minute costume idea using some of their key Halloween pieces. I chose items that most females have in their closets already, but added some elegance for a more sophisticated look.

This look would be fit for a classic Mean Girls Halloween party (I'm a bunny, DUH!?). Take note Cady Heron... Having said that, you can totally switch it up with some fake blood and black gems around the eyes for a more gruesome look, whilst still keeping it super quick and totally do-able last min!

Looking for some more inspo? Check out the New Look video for more awesome Halloween ideas!



  1. I am a huge Halloween fan! I love the outfit and gosh, the bunny ears are amazing!! It really is perfect for a mean girls outfit! New look have some lovely items in this season. Great post. xx

  2. You look brilliant. I love costumes that are s but different and not shop brought. This would be perfect for going out on Halloween to a bar x

  3. You look lovely and the outfit is fab, especially the top. Now all you need is a great party to rock it at!

  4. This is so put together too you'd never guess it was a last minute look! Love, love, love your shoes x

  5. I do like Halloween but generally don't dress up, I leave that for my little ones. Love the outfit it looks great on you.

  6. You look amazing and I absolutely love the entire outfit, the ear are just beautiful x

  7. I love this, it is so glamorous and a lot of fun too. The ears are great.

  8. Love those lacy bunny ears - I had some similar last year

    Gemma x |

  9. You look gorgeous, those ears are amazing. Some can be a bit cheap but those look sturdy and very well made!


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