The Blogger Retreat with Farfetch #TheOne

It’s not every day that you get to hang out in a killer mansion, mid-week, on a glorious day… It seemed almost too good to be true! It was a tad different to how I spend most Wednesday, anything in comparison just doesn’t hold up and it’s down to the amazing Farfetch team for inviting me to their Blogger Retreat and what a treat it was!

I headed down to London the night before as trains being generally pants in the UK it would have cost me an arm and leg to travel down during peak hours. Luckily, I have a few friends who live in London, so it was a great excuse to have a girly catch up and calm my nerves before heading to the event the following morning. Admittedly, I don’t attend many blogger events in London and the fear of not knowing anyone or everyone already knowing each other sank in. Luckily, I saw a few familiar faces, including Chloe, who I wasn’t able to catch up with at Fashion Week!After meeting the Farfetch team and my fellow blogging gals at Victoria station, it was a quick coach ride down to Surrey. This being the swankiest of coach rides I’ve ever been on, that’s for sure. It was a sure fire sign that today was going to be a good day!

We weaved our way in and out of roads filled with the most beautiful houses (looking at gorgeous houses in the car is one of my favourite things to do). I tried not to drool before we arrived at our humble abode for the day. Upon entering, we got cosy in our matching Farfetch sliders, that soon warmed up because of the heated floor….yes, yes, I know) and made our way to the cinema room, yes, a cinema room (so totally getting one of those when I’m all grown up & become a fully functioning Adult). We were welcomed by the Farfetch team and shown an advertisement on #TheOne campaign that they had been working on. The concept revolved around how you have that feeling and attachment of finding that ‘one’ item you’ve been lusting over for far too long & now the feeling you get when it’s finally yours – A great concept that I think everyone can relate too, I’m sure!
Soon after, it was time for breakfast! As blogger etiquette would have you know, it’s a golden unwritten rule that no one touches the food until everyone has captured their perfect shot. I love that this is a thing known to bloggers far & wide and you would undoubtedly get your hand slapped away if you even tried touching a croissant before it had it’s time to shine!

After filling myself to the brim with all the herbal tea, orange juice & crunchy nut cereal I could think of, I decided to venture off around the mansion and take those all important blogger snaps (see picture above of carefully placed orange juice by shadow image) before I was called to the outside seating area where everyone had already begun opening their amazing gifts from Farfetch. I’m without a doubt, always late to the party… damn you orange juice picture!
This was no ordinary gifting. This was a gifting for ‘The One’ item we had all wanted for so long! Prior to the event, Farfetch had so kindly allowed us to choose our gifts for the event. It was magical seeing the girls open their gifts and fan girl over their chosen items – so cute! Naturally, I began opening mine whilst trying to do that blogger thing of opening it up one handed so the world of snapchat could see too! Aaaaand there it was! My First ever designer handbag! Of course, it was black, a staple piece and of course Micheal Kors! I always tend to lean towards items that won’t go out of style very quickly and this beaut of a bag was definitely one of those!
It was then time to do what us bloggers do best & pose with our new loves! I had the pleasure of shooting with Kaye Ford and we began to explore the mansion for places to shoot! Although I’m a blogger & having mini photoshoots on the reg is what we do, I still get so god damn shy. Even when meeting my usual photographer. Something inside of me just curls up and I become really stiff and I lose all sense of how to pose. Something I need to work on for sure!

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After venturing around the amazing mansion and trying not to drool over everything it was nice to get to chat to some of the other girls. A copious amount of blogging related tips, tricks and ideas were shared, amongst camera lessons on how not to shoot in auto (this really bugs the hell out of me) and many a flat lay later,  it was time for lunch! The best thing about the entire lunch being the vegan sushi (hurrah!) and the most incredible cake you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Honestly, it was too beautiful to cut, I could have left that thing there untouched for days. Ok, maybe not but you get where I’m coming from.
Without a doubt, it was time for everyone to unwind, recharge (smartphones mainly) and enjoy some of the pamper stations Farfetch had organised. We had the option to get our hair styled, our nails did and even a cheeky 15-minute shoulder massage. Naturally, being the tense little monster that I am, I slipped into the queue for quite possibly one of the best massages I’ve had to date! The masseuse also doubled as a mind reader as she knew I was having trouble sleeping and my nights were usually restless. Ok, maybe she wasn’t a mind reader… but she was pretty awesome by knowing all that just from giving my shoulder a bit of a rub.
The end of the day came all too soon and before we knew it, we were all heading back to the swanky coach to make our way back to London. It was a surreal day and by far one of the most thoughtful blogger events – Thank you Farfetch! 


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