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Monday, 23 January 2017

Misspap X Fashernably Late

There are so many bloggers I have enjoyed following over the years and over those years it's been amazing to watch these beautiful ladies grow and evolve into the sassiest little bloggers  in the game with such amazing style! But it's not just bloggers who evolve and find their feet, brands climb the ladder and find their place in the market too and it's as equally pleasing to see this happen with a brand you've loved since day one. MissPap are killing it RN and I'm just in love with so many of their new pieces, you gotta go & check them out!

I headed out over the weekend to snap some looks after what felt like forever and by heck was it cold! If you look closely enough, you can actually see myself covered head to toe in goosebumps. It's safe to say I'm used to the funny looks off people by now - they must think I'm crazy!

My love of faux leather trousers isn't going anywhere it seems and this time round I them with this amazing studded denim jacket, lace bodysuit (yep, still love these too) and statement boots. I love to keep things simple and have an item thats the key piece in the outfit and it's a fail safe way to do this with an all black outfit!

I'm also featured in this months BloggerTalk with Misspap! 
You can check it out HERE




  1. Definitely some classic pieces in this outfit that will last ages. Really like the toe detail in the boots!

  2. Love the look! I'd probably freeze wearing this today :)

  3. Gorgeous look and I just adore those boots! I can just imagine how cold you were and the looks you must have gotten while shooting this!

  4. Did you collaborate with Miss Pap? That is freaking awesome I love them and I am pretty sure they are Manchester based right? Why are the best brands in Manchester lol? I love the denim and leather x

  5. Love the denim and leather together. You look amazing!

  6. You look fab - those leather look trousers and those boots are simply gorgeous!

  7. Your clothes are really cool. I love MissApp but I never got anything from them!! I think I'll give it a try soon :) x

  8. Such an amazing outfit and for me, the denim jacket makes it, I love it x

  9. great outfit and agree with above comment - denim jacket is fab

  10. You look great though I was gonna ask if you didnt freeze in this our current weather situation

  11. I love this, I'm a little obsessed with the faux leather too. You look gorgeous (but cold!)

  12. Love the denim jacket! I've been trying to find one this length for ages, because the normal ones make me look rounder than normal(and thats saying something)

    Lovely post

    Em x


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