Tutorial: How I Edit My Images For Instagram | Photoshop | Facetune | VSCO | Snapseed


Shooting outfits for my blog and creating flat lays is probably my most favourite part of composing a new blog post, mainly because I find being visually creative and editing images post production a breeze. The whole writing aspect of being a blogger is something I quite struggle with. I just had to re-write my first opening line approx 3 times because the words just wouldn’t flow how I wanted them too and it’s quite frustrating for me. Since the age of 11, I have been teaching myself how to use editing tools, like photoshop, that it is now almost second nature to me… I often forget the struggles I faced when I first started out editing images & the frustration of an image not turning out how you wanted.

I recently posted my unedited & edited images on Twitter, asking if you guys wanted a tutorial & the response I got was crazy! So, as promised… Here is how I edit my images! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!I’m not a master at videos either, so please excuse me for the quality!