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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How To Boss Geek Chic

The Geek trend - I was a fresher the last time this trend made its way into my accessories pile. I believe I grabbed a bargain of eBay, buying 6 in a multi pack; who doesn't need 6 geek glasses in their life at any given time? I was in my first year of uni after all... 

I do love to jump on the bandwagon and follow trends to a certain degree, I was a little scared about putting these Deirdre specs on my face & pulling it off without looking like a complete moron. I decided a long time ago to not follow trends head on all the time.... I'll be looking back on this post in 3 years time most likely thinking 'Why on Earth did you think that looked cool!?'. I like to break up trends and keep them minimalistic, to the point where I can break down the entire outfit & style it up again with the next best trend that comes around.

I'm living in anything comfy rn so my Docs & this oversized jumper go hand in hand for the style & comfort factor. I don't know about you but I love to add small touches to the outfit to give it some personality. The geek glasses aside, fishnet socks & the choker that has practically been glued to my neck for the past several months are my go to at the moment.

If I could wear everything oversized all the time without looking like a one giant piece of fabric, I'd be living the dream! But for now, I'll just stick to upping my sizes in jackets and T's to satisfy my addiction of excess fabric. I'm currently obsessing over the fact that denim jackets are back.. yaaaas to fashion on a repeat cycle! I got this faux shearling lined jacket in a UK 10 so I could still fit my baggy knitwear underneath without looking like the michelin man. I don't think I could reveart back to wearing normal fitting clothes anytime soon.

Do you have a go-to comfy, yet chic outfit you turn to?




  1. you look stunning and those glasses really suit you girl!

    shelley xoxo

  2. I've not jumped on this trend yet. I wear glasses occasionally anyway so might be too much at times but they photograph well xo

  3. Love the comfy look and the glasses look great on you. I do like to combine leggings with oversized jumpers.

  4. What a great look! And you definitely met your goal of looking comfy. I've recently lost weight so everything is baggy on me; nice to know I'm on trend without even realizing! Haha.
    XO Char.

  5. Woww you look amazing in those pictures... I loved your denim Jacket

  6. I freaking love that mustard yellow oversized jumper. Totally my kind of thing. You look gorgeous here!

  7. I love the oversized trend and while I don't think geek chic would suit my face I think it looks amazing on you. Reminds me of when Blonde Salad wore a similar pair xx

  8. I love the over sized jumper and jeans look, it has to be my staple. I mean I literally don't wear anything else!

  9. Those boots look amazing with the outfit and I like the oversized jumper.


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