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Who knew you could get yourself a boots meal deal & a new nose all on your lunch break?  It’s not magic, no… It’s a little cosmetic procedure called Non Surgical Rhinoplasty that seems to be on the rise as an alternative to going under the knife. Last month, I took a little visit down to the SkinViva clinic to find out more about how they could help me feel good about myself.


But There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Nose!

Now we all have our insecurities and you’re probably going to laugh in disbelief when I say this but… over the last few years my nose has grown! I’m not a modern day Pinocchio or anything.. But the size of my nose has changed slightly… Your nose and ears continue to grow throughout your entire life (heres to hoping I don’t become dumbo anytime soon. p.s sorry for all the Disney references, they’re just so fitting right now), and my nose has most definitely had a growth spurt over the last few years. I always remembered having a very straight nose, a nose that never really caught my attention the way it did up until recently. I look back at old images and can totally tell a difference! I know everyone is a little guilty of focusing too much on their imperfections. They’re most probably only flaws that only we notice ourselves too. But, hey… we’re human right? It’s only natural… I know that seeing image after image of myself on my blog has contributed to my scrutinising. But I think that’s more  because I’m a perfectionist over anything else. But it’s hard to stop looking at something once you’ve noticed it.


So when I found out that you could get a nose job using just filler and without having to go under the knife, I was all ears! I have to admit, my initial reaction was ‘But I want my nose to be smaller, isn’t filler just going to make it bigger?’. But what I actually found out after doing some research, is that the filler can be used to mould the nose and reshape it slightly. Maybe it is like magic? After reading some reviews, I felt pretty confident about wanting to have a non surgical rhinoplasty treatment and began looking for places around Manchester that offered the procedure. The good ol’ people of Twitter helped me make the decision of choosing SkinViva, as they seemed to have built up a very reputable cosmetic history.


How does it work? They inject dermal filler into the nose to even out bumps

Does it hurt? No. For my treatment, filler was only injected into a very small section of my nose. Numbing cream was applied to the area first and the filler itself contains numbing agents, meaning you don’t feel a thing. I only felt a small scrape from the very first injection. After that, I didn’t feel a thing.

How long does it last? A non surgical rhinoplasty treatment usually lasts around 12 months. This is an estimate as it depends how quickly the filler is broken down by your own body.

Is there any downtime? I had the slightest bruise on my nose for about 2 days post procedure. It was so faint, that it didn’t show on camera and was easily covered with make up. I did, however, find that my nose was tender for about a month afterwards. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable though.

Aftercare? I was advised to not apply makeup on the injected area for up to 24 hours. Applying pressure to the nose (wearing sunglasses) for around 2 weeks was also not advised.


The Procedure

As with any cosmetic treatment, you should always have a consultation first. Dr Tim explained the entire procedure, along with what results I would expect. You should never feel pressured to go ahead with a treatment unless you’re 100% happy and feel comfortable. Consultations should always be free of charge too!

I was completely sure that I wanted to go ahead with the treatment and I’m not the type to get frightened over needles either, so I wasn’t too nervous about having it done – I was more giddy if anything!

Numbing cream was applied and away we went! Dr Tim began injecting the filler into my nose and shaped it using cotton buds. The whole process probably took around 20 minutes and it pretty painless too!

The Results

When I first looked at my shiny new nose, I could see a difference straight away! It’s always a little shock to the system to see yourself looking a little different – I felt the same after having my lip fillers too! I did noticed that my nose wasn’t completely the same on either side due to my natural nose being this way. I mentioned this to Dr Tim, who then sat me back down and worked on it a little more. After the slight touch up, I was completely over the moon with the results!

It’s been a month since my treatment and I’ve found that the filler has settled really nicely against the natural shaping of my nose and isn’t as ‘sharp’ looking as it was straight after the treatment. It’s also really subtle – something I’m actually really happy about!



I’m incredibly happy with my results from the treatment and I feel that if you’re considering going under the knife and getting a nose job, a non surgical option would be an amazing way for you to get an idea of how it will look, without having the 2 months recovery time. I was able to continue with my day to day routine after having the procedure which I think is why non surgical rhinoplasty treatments are massively on the rise. The only downside I would say, is that it does only last a year, meaning that if you wanted to keep the results maintained, it can be quite costly in the long run.


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I took some outfit pictures a couple of weeks after my treatment and actually loved my side profile for once! Isn’t it funny how the smallest thing can make a huge difference?


Jumpsuit – Native Youth

Necklace – Stella & Dot

Chain – Poppy Thorn

Watch – Christian Paul

Kicks – Stan Smith’s

*For disclaimer purposes, I received this treatment with compliments from SkinViva. However, all thoughts and views are of my own.