My PLT Style | July

My PLT Style | July

Each season I’m always on the look out for my top picks; I’m all about selecting those key pieces and making them work for every occasion this Summer. Whether that be for a festival, BBQ or simply just for your everyday slay – girl gotta look gooooood!

I keep it pretty basic with the base of my outfit, which is why my wardrobe is about 60% black, 35% white and 5% WTF was I thinking!? I’m pretty aware that my bank balance isn’t unlimited – so a solid base means I can switch it up with things that are on trend. And on that note, lets talk gingham – The moments I can tear myself away from my beloved Mom jeans, you’ll find me in a pair of trousers. Wild, I know! But these gingham beauts are so flattering and tuck away that food baby quite nicely too!


Another thing I’ve been doing this month is buying swimsuits with zero intention of dipping in and out of a pool wearing them (plus my cake eating ways means no beach bod for me this Summer). Instead, I double them as a bodysuit instead! The ‘sucking in’ power of a good swimsuit pulls you in at the wait too! So it’s a win win all round and I can continue to please my sweet tooth.


A good denim jacket or 80’s inspired bomber will forever be my fave outerwear all year round – and the oversized the better! (stay tuned for more awesome denim jackets coming your way). A simple jumpsuit and statement denim can take you from bland to chic in 3 seconds flat – or however long it takes you to whip that bad boy off the hanger and over your killer outfit! PLUS, we’re in England – it’s super risky walking round without some form of shelter from the rain or failing that, Summer evenings can get pretty chilly indeed.



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