August Beauty Favourites

Pixi by Petra

 I first discovered Pixi Beauty around this time last year (check the post out HERE), having never really heard of the brand at all really. I remember quickly falling in love with one of their Glowtion Daydew moisturiser (a serious must try!!) and iconic eyeshadow palettes, which then triggered my love affair for experimenting with shadows! A year on, my knowledge and overall general beauty regime has improved and the Pixi Beauty products have fast become cults with it. I had heard rave reviews about their Glow Tonic and began using this blogger fave product all over my face and back (I’ve had a little breakout recently). It’s a gentle exfoliant and it’s also really good at removing dirt. I noticed an improvement in my skin within a week! To prep my skin and to set my make up, I’ve been using their poreless primer, makeup fixing mist & loose powder. The primer really does help my makeup to stay put and the powder creates a gorgeous light finish, but I found the fixing mist to leave my skin a too dewy for my liking. I do feel like my skin is having a little oily moment right now, so I’ll probably come back to this when Summer is over. I had actually forgot that I owned this lippy until I had a little clear out, but I had fallen in love with it all over again, so wanted to include it! It’s a coral/pinky tone – perfect for Summer! [SHOP HERE]



Spectrum Collection Brushes

It had wanted to get my hands on these Spectrum brushes for so long, that when the day finally arrived, I couldn’t bring myself to use them because they’re just so God damn beautiful! I mean, just look at them! I eventually took to plunge and began slowly turning them the same shade orange as my foundation and my gosh, why didn’t I get my hands on them sooner? I never used to be a stickler for using brushes at all. In fact, I remember the days where I applied my foundation with my fingers; and now I’m spending money on decent make up and brushes to apply them with!? I don’t think my shadow has quite ever been perfectly blended as when I use these brushes and I simply cannot wait to fill my boots up with the rest of them. Their new Mean Girls collection has just launched today too! Is this  a sign!? [SHOP HERE]



 Ishga Scottish Seaweed

Don’t you love discovering new beauty products? I had actually had this stored away (by total accident) at the bottom of one of my beauty draws for the best part of a month. In a bid to sort through my draws, I was quite happy I had found this little gem! Ishga is a family run Scottish brand, with their organic skincare being heavily seaweed based. They have a range of merine creams and other skincare products mainly found in spas. This is one of their body oils that you actually lather over yourself straight after a shower instead of moisturiser. If you’re a lazy bugger like myself, then this is the perfect product! You don’t stick to your pj’s afterwards, it doesn’t take ages to dry and it smells like oranges! Bonus! [SHOP HERE]


I’m such a face mask obsessed freak it’s unreal.. and I’ve been a fan of Glamglow for a good few years now too! I tried out this flashmud product out for the first time and loved how bright it made my skin feel. It contains little bits of seaweed (I think), to help exfoliate your skin when you come to wash it off! I found using circular motions is the best! [SHOP HERE]





Show Beauty

You cant beat a good hair serum & I was so fortunate to bag myself this absolute beauty when I won a goody bag from Glamour worth over £1,000! I KNOW RIGHT?! I had actually never heard of this brand before had to do a quick Google to find out more. I also had a mini heart attack when I saw the price tag (a whopping £50), but that means its like super super amazing, right!? I mean, it does smell absolutely divine & it makes my hair so luscious, but I can’t lie when I say that I’m using it sparingly! [SHOP HERE]


DKNY Nectar Love

I’ve never really been into keeping up to date with the latest perfumes; I know that D&G Blue is my all time fave, but that’s about it.. (mainly because I don’t know what anything else smells like). Yes I know, I know I need to get out more..  I was, however, kindly sent the new DKNY perfume, cleverly named after its addictively sweet scent. This has now become my ‘night out’ scent and by night out I mean if I step out the house after 7pm. [SHOP HERE]

HERMES Eau des Merveilles Bleue

I have gotten so many compliments about this perfume since I got it, that it might have just beat out my love for light blue, you know. Maybe there’s something about scents named blue that I love? It has a soft woody/amber scent, with a refreshed tone throughout at the same time. I’d deffs recommend giving yourself a spray with this one. [SHOP HERE]


Le Mini Macaron

If you’re after a portable/at home gel polish kit, then this ones has got to be your go to! It’s the definition of pocket size and I was actually quite surprised with how powerful the LED lamp was! It took me around 30 minutes to do all 10 fingers, something I was quite shocked about as the macaron style lamp only hold the one finger. Once you get the hang of painting your nail whilst one is in the lamp setting, it’s all systems go & bam! You’re done! The set itself comes with one polish, a nail file, cuticle nib, polish remover and a power cable (hell yes, no batteries in site!). My only downfall with this is that the polish only lasted a few days. It was probably due to the fact I hadn’t prepped my nails correctly – I’m never going to file them like they do when you get acrylics – but practise definitely makes perfect, so I’ll be giving this bad boy another go! [SHOP HERE]




Kind Natured Body Lotion & Sugar Scrub

I think I saved the best till last because I have been absolutely drooling over this stuff since I first got my hands on it! I hadn’t actually heard of the brand before being sent some of their products to try, but I fast became a fan within minutes of finding out that they’re a cruelty free brand and 99% of their ingredients are natural – not to mention that these smell SO incredible, I wish smellavision was total thing right now. I’m not usually a fan of any type of sugar scrub, as I’m not a fan of the residue they leave behind on your skin. All be it, I think thats the purpose of a sugar scrub, but it’s just not for me! But this Kind Natured foaming scrub has a completely different agenda, it does exactly what it says on the tim – it foams! The sugar melts as you exfoliate, turning into -yes you guessed it – foam! It acts as a shower gel, giving you that refreshing squeaky clean feeling and its scrubbing those dead skin cells away! I just can’t get enough of the stuff if I’m honest! Their body lotion smells just as divine and I’m happy to lather myself in the stuff, just so I smell as pretty as it does! It’s doesn’t break the bank either at just £4.99 each & you can pick it up in Boots! [SHOP HERE]