Faux Fur & Silver Co-Ords | NA-KD Fashion

As the end of November approaches and the last of the autumn leaves fall, it calls for one thing and one thing only – faux fur! It only takes a couple minutes of scrolling down my Instagram feed to see where my obsession for wearing soft oversized fur jackets began – as well as feeling like you’re wearing a hug, they also make every outfit slay – whats not to love? I have many many faux furs in my collection (some would prbaly say too many – they actually have a wardrobe of their own for that matter), including this recent beauty from NA-KD fashion.

I teamed them together with this amazing silver pleated 2 piece – A sucker for co-ords I am indeed! But, what is it about culotte trousers that are just so flattering? Being 5ft 3″, culottes are a saviour and quite often my go-to trouser of choice because their perfect length.They allow you to leave the house without having to roll them up  so they fit your little legs to look half expectable or without having to buy two leg lengths shorter than you actually need, just so you can achieve that ‘cropped’ look.