That Lasula Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket has long been creeping into the high street stores and online shops for some time now, following suit with the Autumnal and winter trends of each year. I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve always been a fan, in fact, I used to think they were awful-  you’d never catch me dead in one! But yet, here I am, posing away and styling it out in one of my favourite jackets of the season. Who’d have thought, ey?

That’s fashion for you  and that’s the beauty of a blog – it’s nice to see how your style changes and to reflect on your past fashion choices. I’d say what I’m wearing here is how I dress most days. My go to Monki jeans – the only pair of jeans (that aren’t skinny fit) to ever fit my small waist & plump bottom issue – I’d highly reccomend these, they’re my absolute go to! I’d round off my usual look with a basic bodysuit or slogan tee & throw on a statement jacket to mix up my rather vanilla outfit.

I instantly fell in love with this puffer from Lasula when I laid eyes on it. I feel like that it was mainly down to the fact it wasn’t made from metallic silver fabric or that the length of the jacket was nice and cropped and it didn’t reach your ankles so it doubles as a sleeping bag – c’mon, besides Gail Platt, who actually wears those!? The dusty pink shade and velvet fabric had me drooling and I sat there and eating my own words of never wanting a puffer jacket. Damn. I have a feeling that these puffer jackets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon – so it’s probably a good thing I’ve learnt to love them a touch!

I kept the whole vibe of this look pretty chilled and if I’m being honest, I wanted to keep it super comfy over anything. I say this as I write this post sat in my pj’s with a hot chocolate – am I getting old or what!?