My Cosmetic & Beauty Treatments 2017

Cosmetic treatments have come a long way since the days where celebs would risk going under the knife for that ‘Hollywood face life’. You’d most likely hear of the horror stories that would be plastered all over the tabloids – ‘Celeb can’t eat for days and has to live with staples in forehead for months’. Gross. You would hear a different horror story each week and it was this bad press that allows the stigma around the subject to still exist. Fast forward to 2017 and non surgical cosmetic treatments, that are far less invasive are vastly taking over as a temporary ‘fix’ for those not wanting to go under the knife (and have staples in their face).

I’ve had lots of questions about the treatments I’ve received over the last year, so I’m talking the complete truth about all things lip fillers, non surgical nose jobs & cellulite treatments…

‘Are cosmetic & beauty treatments really worth shelling out the money for? Is there a real chance of me looking like Pete Burns if I get the wrong kind of lip fillers? Who do you trust and how do you know if you’ll like the results?’ These are just some of the questions I’ve been asked over the last year since I delved into the world of cosmetic & beauty treatments, questions I once asked myself & in some respect, learnt the hard way by not making the best decisions when it came to treatments!

_____________Temporary Lip Fillers___________

When I was around 5 years old, I fell and split my lip open on a speed bump, knocking out my two front teeth along the way. One tooth, went straight into my bottom lip and along with having no front teeth, I also came away with a lump of scar tissue in my lower lip – leaving me with an uneven smile.

October 2016 – I decided to get my uneven smile fixed and headed to Transform for a consultation as I had heard so many good things about them. They weren’t the cheapest of places that I had found after doing a little research, but I was a little apprehensive about the treatment and wanted to go to a clinic I trusted.

The practitioner who carried out my treatment was so helpful, she was very thorough and told me all the risks, what to expect post treatment and answered all my questions – I was 100% sure I wanted to go ahead with the treatment and I opted for 1ml of Juvederm Volift filler (£350*). This type of filler is the thickest and although a little bit more expensive, lasts longer than others (around 6 – 12 months). Getting the filler injected was virtually pain free, I had a numbing cream applied beforehand. This is super important as some clinics charge extra for this or don’t supply it at all! I barely bled or bruised and the whole process took just over half an hour. I absolutely loved my new lips!

After about 5 months, I decided I wanted to get a top up treatment and began looking at alternative clinics that were a little bit more purse friendly. As by magic, a sponsored post popped up on my Instagram feed from a well known Dr who was also a ‘celebrity specialist to the stars’ – the whole account was filled with happy customers and positive reviews, so I went ahead and booked an appointment.

This time round, I opted for 0.5ml as I just wanted a little more volume and for my uneven smile to be put at bay again – half a ml seemed perfect for this. When I turned up for my appointment – I didn’t feel at all welcomed and at ease like I did when I visited Transform. The so called ‘celebrity Dr to the stars’ rushed me in and out of her clinic so fast, that I left the treatment room with blood still dripping down my face and the procedure itself was so painful I couldn’t wait for it to be over! I was so traumatised, that I left shaking – the whole process from start to finish was awful. I ended up having to revisit the clinic to get more filler injected, as my lips were actually uneven (not so surprising when you’re being rushed in and out of the clinic within 5 minutes flat and not able to even look in the mirror to see if they’re OK). There’s not a chance I would ever visit that clinic again! I thought I had done enough research to confidently trust this clinic, but I guess I learned the hard way!

Image to the left show my lips before fillers | bottom Left image – Transform 1ml | Middle image – Celebrity Dr 0.5ml | Right image – Faces by AKJ 0.7ml

Since my previous awful encounter, I’ve since had another top up treatment (0.7ml) from the lovely Faces By AKJ. I received a warm welcome and Aimee was professional from start to finish, ensuring I was perfectly happy with how my lips were looking throughout the procedure – I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough!

There’s really no down time for fillers – after each of my treatments I’ve barely suffered with any swelling/bruising – a rarity if I’m being honest. Some of my friends have been a little savvy and booked their appointments on a Friday afternoon, giving them the weekend to recover from swelling. This is something you should definitely consider if you’re thinking of getting them done yourself.

Would I get lip fillers again? Yes. Judging from my above journey, it’s pretty evident that my encounter with a bad clinic hasn’t been enough to put me off from getting them again. I’ll most likely continue getting them for the foreseeable future.

___________Non Surgical Nose Job___________

The Summer of 2017 was when I opted for a non surgical nose job – a procedure that has definitely become increasingly popular this year alone. The ‘get yourself a nose job on your lunch break’ procedure delivers fast but subtle results that are pain free. I headed to SkinViva, a clinic in Manchester for the treatment. I have a full detailed blog post about the experience HERE + a discount code if you wish to have the treatment.

How does it work? They inject dermal filler into the nose to even out bumps

Does it hurt? No. For my treatment, filler was only injected into a very small section of my nose. Numbing cream was applied to the area first and the filler itself contains numbing agents, meaning you don’t feel a thing. I only felt a small scrape from the very first injection. After that, I didn’t feel a thing.

How long does it last? A non surgical rhinoplasty treatment usually lasts around 12 months. This is an estimate as it depends how quickly the filler is broken down by your own body.

Is there any downtime? I had the slightest bruise on my nose for about 2 days post procedure. It was so faint, that it didn’t show on camera and was easily covered with make up. I did, however, find that my nose was tender for about a month afterwards. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable though.

Aftercare? I was advised to not apply makeup on the injected area for up to 24 hours. Applying pressure to the nose (wearing sunglasses) for around 2 weeks was also not advised.

Would I get a non surgical nose job again? Maybe.  I feel like this is a good option to trial out how a more permanent procedure would look as the results only lasted around 6 months. If the filler lasted a little longer, I would definitely get this again as it has helped my confidence in the long run.

_________Acoustic Wave Therapy – Cellulite Treatment________

I have always had a slim build, so when circumstances arise and I find myself shying away from changing into a swimsuit and diving into the pool in fear of getting my cellulite ridden thighs out, people tend to tell me that I’m being silly (having not seen my thighs, of course). Having a petite frame, doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have areas of your body that you feel uncomfortable with – myself being a prime example of that. Since entering the Adult stages of my life, I have found that my upper thighs and bum are where I tend to carry most of my stubborn weight, a true pear shape to say the least.
I have to be honest and admit that I don’t eat the most healthiest diet either, contrary to what you might believe, a vegetarians diet doesn’t consist of veggies and veggies alone (a slight Oreo addiction, may also be the issue – sorry thighs).  This not so healthy diet of mine has been tamed from time to time when I get stuck into my gym routine, but even then, this darn cellulite just doesn’t seem to shift!

I headed down to the Sci-U clinic in Manchester for Acoustic Wave Therapy – a treatment to help tackle and break down cellulite. The treatment is designed to improve metabolic processes and improve connective tissue elasticity, meaning you can use this handy tool to sculpt different areas of the body (bum/inner and outer thighs/knees/hips/abs). On my first treatment, I suffered with some slight bruising on the areas that were quite stubborn. This was due to the practitioner applying more pressure surrounding these areas, to help break down the fat. The treatment itself, however, is non invasive, almost pain free and takes around 45 minutes per session.

I noticed an improvement after my first treatment, with my stubborn cellulite areas being reduced and my buttocks being slightly more lifted. I had a course of 5 treatments and noticed a very subtle difference between each session. Since having the treatment, the cellulite has crept back and I’m back to trying to tackle it in the gym instead.

Would you get Acoustic Wave Therapy again? No. The price of the treatment is quite costly (£110 per session) in terms of the results you get. This treatment would probably benefit  someone with cellulite less stubborn than mine – maybe a little holiday prep to boost your confidence and get you bikini ready.