Plan Your Backpackers Wardrobe in Three Steps

Plan Your Backpackers Wardrobe in Three Steps

In just over 2 months, I’ll be packing my backpack, saying goodbye to my friends and family, because I won’t be seeing them for about 9 months. That’s right.. I’ll be flying out to Asia. on. my. own.  Not scary at all! I’m pretty independent, but I’ve never thrown myself in at the deep end like this before, I’ll literally be on the opposite side of the plant to almost every single person I know. The more I write, the more the realisation sinks in that this is all actually real. Yes, I am in fact doing this!

My first ever holiday (except a long weekend in Barcelona) was Thailand, about 5 years ago. It was a huge culture shock to say the least, but having one of the best Summer’s of my life, it planted the seed that grew to be the travel bug I that strongly remains to this day. I can’t quite believe it’s taken me 5 years to bite the bullet and venture off to do the whole ‘backpacker’ thing, but I guess here we go…

But the question is… what am I going to take with me to wear for 9 whole months!? I’ve popped down 3 ways in which I’m preppin’ my wardrobe for my trip!


1 | Have a Clear Out

This one sounds a little contradictory, but it’s definitely a must! Over the course of the year, I’ve been lucky enough to collaborative with many fashion brands through my blog, which is great for my wardrobe, but not so good for the space that it’s lacking. Just within a few hours, I already managed to fill 2 large bin bags full of clothing that I really do not need. Instead of listing them for sale and barely turning a profit, I donated them in hopes the items will be made better use of, instead of sitting in the back of my wardrobe. Freeing up space in my wardrobe and sifting through my items actually allowed me to find items I had completely forgotten about and I was actually able to make a little pile of items that were more than perfect to take away with me!


2| Plan a Capsule Wardrobe to Take Away

This is such a cliche, but quite deniably, a must! We all know that living out of a backpack is pretty limiting in terms of how much stuff you can take away with you/physically carry (I’m really dreading the thought, I am). But it’s only sensible to plan and be quite selective with what items make the cut. I’ve got an awful habit of not feeling my best unless I’m wearing something new, hence the avid online shopping addiction. But, if you’re smart enough to find items that compliment most other clothing you’re taking, you’re onto a winner. Items you can layer and aren’t restricting (tube skirts, ew) are essentials. There’s so much womens swimwear you can take that will double as bodysuits as well as being practical enough for the spontaneous pool parties.


3 | Divide Your Clothes

Something that will save you time (and quite possibly your sanity) is packing your clothes into sections. I like to separate my top, bottoms, underwear and outer layers into bags, and then pack them in my backpack. It makes packing/repacking your bag a dream and makes finding that one teeny tiny top a breeze!

Do you have any tips on how to plan your backpackers wardrobe?