A Better Version of Myself

A Better Version of Myself

__________A New Me?________

As the New Year approached it was almost impossible to avoid my cliché filled ‘New Year, New Me’ posts that flooded my news feeds, along with the inserts of posts from those whom on the flip side, swore against making any changes and vowed not to make resolutions of any kind. Personally, I’m not one for making new year resolutions, simply because I’ve tried and failed miserably many times in the past. My past resolutions have never stemmed any deeper than the typical  ‘go to the gym more’ goal (I’m somewhat of a cliche myself I see), It’s something that I tell myself throughout the year anyway and guiltily never stick too – so why should the new year be any different? The idea of a brand new year being a shiny new slate to start fresh for most people, is the ideal time to set some goals – so I can totally relate to why it happens. This year, I decided that I did want to implement some small positive changes into my life, small changes that I could slot into my daily life to make them a habit, instead of being a resolution that I break after just a few weeks. Making something a habit is almost much harder to break than a goal is, a little food for thought from one of my favourite bloggers Audrey.


________Lets Be More Articulate________

I’ve never been much of a writer. Hell, each blog post I write takes me at least a day, if not two! Creating beautifully written pieces that flow so fluidly from my fingers onto the keyboard is only but a lust of mine at the moment. I find myself procrastinating for days before writing up a post, simply because I know how much I struggle with being able to express exactly what I want.

I’m not going to put myself down about it too much because I am going to give myself a little credit here too. Since I started blogging, my writing has actually improved massively due to a mixture of being more consciously aware of wanting to improve, but also because of my professional working life exposing me to a wider range of vocabulary and knowledge. I see the difference in the simplest of things; thinking of an Instagram caption used to have me stumped, whereas now, I find myself getting a little excited at being able to put down in words what I’m feeling to share with those that follow me. Although my writing has improved a little over the years, I want to make this one of my ‘habits’ and theres a few ways in which I’m helping to turn it into one.

  • I downloaded The Word of The Day app & followed The Oxford English Dictionary on Twitter. This may seem like a pretty simple action to take, but in all honesty, I love it! I actually get a bit excited when The Word of The Day notification pops up on my phone. Albeit, some of the words can be quite strange and sometimes a little difficult to string together in a sentence without me looking like a complete idiot, learning new words is actually really interesting! My favourite so far being ‘obambulate’ which means to walk around or wander – lets see me use that in a sentence casually, ey?
  • Instead of watching Gossip Girl for the 5th time, I’ve found myself slowly making my way through the documentary section on Netflix instead. World War II features as well as the Reggie Yates series are a few of my favourites so far. I find myself pausing them quite frequently, googling words and then re-watching the section I just paused with a better understanding of what they were describing. Not only has this really helped my understanding of the documentary (a given), but also being able to remember the word a little better too!
  • Believe it or not, I’ve actually managed to set aside some time before bed (this new year, new me thing has hit me hard haa) to get back into reading. I’m currently reading the latest from my favourite author Sophie Kinsella and also a factual book called ‘Nothing to Envy’, a book of true life tales about the propaganda in North Korea. The mix of fiction and non fiction keeps me interested and also broadens me to two really different writing styles. Again, I find myself googling words, repeating them and rereading the sentence to have a better understanding.

_______To Fall In Love______

Ok, this isn’t what you’re thinking. 2018 isn’t the year where I want falling in love to become a habit, it’s more something that I have fallen out of love with – and thats my blog! Social media is an integral part of being a blogger; no morning is started without a quick scroll of Insta, no queue is waited in without replying to comments, no day goes unlived without being surrounded by amazingly beautiful content created by other influencers – 2017 had me drowned conversations about algorithms, beautifully written blog posts and so much amazing content that I was hitting follow to so many new and amazing accounts! This flood of fresh content really made me hold back on creating my own – I wrote less blog posts, I tried less with my Instagram… I’m probably the only blogger that wasn’t trying to fight the algorithm, simply because I just did not care about it as much. Blogging turned into something else in 2017 and I certainly fell out of love with my own.


I had some amazing collaborations last year and anyone would think that I was mad for not feeding off my own success to push me through to create more content to keep the cycle going. In fact, it was the pressure to stay dedicated to it all. I’d sit down at my laptop and the pressure to write personal, relatable content swished round my head, scared me off and made me close the laptop and walk away! I felt that people would only be interested in reading my posts if I gushed about topics that were raw and impressionable – I wasn’t able to create that content, so most of my imagery that I’d create would simply go on to Instagram. I feel that it was a mixture of my struggle to sit down and write content along with the fear that nobody would read it.


When I started blogging, I would write about the smallest, most trivial things. That sort of content used to be enough. But then I noticed a shift in peoples interest and my basic nail art tutorial posts and outfit posts, just weren’t enough. I felt the pressure to keep up with other bloggers and failed miserably at holding my own.


So my habit that I want to create this year is, I want to fall back in love with my blog. I don’t want to sit and stare at my homepage in fear of my posts being unread or not relatable enough. I want to fall back in love with the reason why I started blogging in the first place – to express myself.

______Good Habits______
The good news is, this blog post only took me the best part of a day to write as opposed to the used 2 (sometimes three) & I already feel that my quest to immerse myself in learning new words is already a massive step in general. I know It’s only the 11th of Jan, but I’m hoping I can make these good habits and not goals to be broken.

Have you set yourself any goals/self improvement tips for this year? Let me know! Tweet me HERE or pop a comment below 🙂


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