Glitter Eyes with Boots ft. NYX Cosmetics

Glitter Eyes with Boots ft. NYX Cosmetics

This post contains sponsored content and is in conjunction with Boots but all creative output, thoughts and opinions are of my own

boots nyx cosmetics glitter eyes 4
boots nyx cosmetics glitter eyes
boots nyx cosmetics glitter eyes
NYX easy glitter eyes

All That Glitters

The 90’s called and they’re pretty damn impressed with the huge comeback of glitter and all the crazy trends to go with it. No festival look is complete without adding heaps of sparkly stuff to every inch of your body but this take over of glitter is also perfect for your Saturday night out with the girls too! You can make a statement with glitter during the colder months – so dig out that festival glitter bag ladies!

I wanted to create an eye make up look that was super easy to recreate using the NYX Ultimate shadow palette along with the  ‘NYX Glitter‘ pots. I’m no make up pro, so the look had to be easy anyway, but by playing around with metallic shimmers and deeper matte shades, you can increase the intensity of your eye look, making it as bold or not-so-bold as you like!

This look isn’t about being nostalgic and throwing it back to the 90’s – we’re keeping it classy!

One Step At A Time

I knew I wanted to create a look using purple tones, so I looked for these shades in the palette that I was using to see what I could do with them. The green on my under eye was a bit of an impulse – but I think it complemented the look quite well though!

  • Using the lighter matte purple shade, I got a fluffy eyeshadow brush and applied this to just below my crease. I always use a matte shade for my base colour – never a metallic!
  • I then went in with a darker matte purple and used the same fluffy brush to apply this on the outer corner of my lid
  • I knew I wanted to use a gold glitter for this look, so I then applied a gold shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eye. I used a denser brush for this so I could ‘pack’ on the product to make it more pigmented
  • I then went in with the purple metallic shade and used this for the middle of my lid
  • I went back in with the darker matte shade with a smaller brush around the crease of my lid to give it more depth
  • I lightly applied the green metallic shade to under my eye
  • I played around with all the colours again, adding more product to where I thought needed it – this is where you can play around with how intense you want the look to be
  • Using the NYX glitter primer, I applied a small amount to the inner corner of my eye. You can always go back and add more as you go along, this is what I did
  • The gold glitter was then added onto the primer and it held the glitter really well. I continued this process until I was happy with it
  • I went back in with the purple metallic shade and applied this over the gold glitter in the centre of my lid so it blended into each other nicely
  • I added touches of the gold glitter to my under eye too to tie the whole look together.
  • In comes my famous winged liner – I was pretty impressed with this ‘fine ink liner’ too!
  • I finished the look by adding some false lashes and using the ‘worth the hype’ mascara to blend in my natural lashes
  • Using a clean powder brush, I dusted away any loose glitter and ta-dah – that’s my look finished!


I’m actually really pleased with how the look turned out and it really was super easy to do – I’m still sort of new to this whole eye shadow thing! Check out Boots & their fabulous array of products that will help you make your own ‘glitter eyeshadow‘ look!

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