I did it. I made it over to the other side of the world all. on. my. own.

If you had asked me a year ago where I thought I’d be at this very moment in time, I would never have guessed that I would be sitting on a mattress in a 20 bed dorm hostel in Thailand, thousands of miles from home. But I am, I’m here – I f**king did it! I’m on the other side of the world, alone and having the most incredible time I couldn’t even dream to be true!


I had being toying with the idea of going travelling since I left uni. It seemed like the couple years post graduation was the prime time to go. Or at least I was surrounded by what felt like swarms of people who had chosen this path. For me, it always seemed like a distant dream – lack of money had a huge part to play in this and the timing never felt quite right.

The distant dream of travelling grew increasingly closer over the last year and I began the search of finding a travel buddy. I was so not prepared to globe trot on my own, thats for sure! My search was pretty unsuccessful to say the least. My friends were all in different stages in their life; either having travelled before, being ‘proper’ adults with mortgages or it just wasn’t the right time to go.

Holy crap. Solo travel it is.

After my India visa incident (you can read about that here), Thailand seemed like a safe way to ease me into my solo adventure. Having travelled Thailand almost 6 years ago and falling in love with it back then, I was more than excited to come back. I was actually doing it, I was going travelling! But I was most certainly not excited about travelling alone.I think deep down my biggest fear was the fact that I’d have to put myself out there more than I’d ever done before! I’m usually pretty shy when I meet first meet people and I can quite easily slip into being very antisocial social at times too!

I was so excited when I landed in Bangkok. I WAS BACK IN THAILAND! I managed to navigate my way round on the train into the city (which cost £1.20 – bargain) without getting lost, so I was off to a pretty good start. I jumped in a tuk tuk (whilst realising that my bartering skills were very rusty) & headed straight for Khao San Road to check into my hostel. I had never stayed in a hostel dorm room with strangers. ever. My last trip here consisted of private rooms for me and my girls and looking back, it was a pretty boring way to travel in comparison! After a quick power nap, I ventured out for some pad thai and spring rolls – I’m probably about 90% pad thai at this moment in time.

The hostel where I stayed was quite during the day, I assumed most people were probably out visiting temples or lost in the MBK centre somewhere. I’m someone who absolutely loves their own company, but for the first time in a long time I felt a little lonely. Even in the evening, I was so tightly curled up in my shell that I was far too shy to speak to anyone then either. Seriously, what was my issue? At that moment I really felt as though travelling alone was a terrible idea. How did people do this?

After booking myself onto a day tour that consisted of only Chinese families and failing at my first attempt of hoping to meet people, I was determined to make some friends that evening in my hostel. I sat in what I can only describe as a kitted out alley way where everyone hung out drinking Changs and smoking cheap Thai cigarettes. Before I knew it, I’m partying on Khao San Road with 4 strangers who I considered friends after just a couple of minutes of meeting. What was I worried about? That was so damn easy!

The past month has been an absolute world wind and I found myself never really having a moment to stop and share what I’ve been up to! I’ve created a little 1 second everyday clip to give you a glimpse into my journey so far – but I have so much more yet to show you & I can’t wait!

Loungewear – Missy Empire

Polka Dot Trousers – Nasty Gal

Sunglasses: Garrett Leight Wilson M