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My Cosmetic & Beauty Treatments 2017

Cosmetic treatments have come a long way since the days where celebs would risk going under the knife for that ‘Hollywood face life’. You’d most likely hear of the horror stories that would be plastered all over the tabloids -…


Capsule Christmas Gift Ideas

That time of year is finally upon us where secret Santa’s are arranged, gift idea lists are collated and the go toiletry sets are purchased in a frenzy.  Because everyone loves a good bath bomb and perfume set with the…


That Lasula Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket has long been creeping into the high street stores and online shops for some time now, following suit with the Autumnal and winter trends of each year. I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve always…


August Beauty Favourites

Pixi by Petra  I first discovered Pixi Beauty around this time last year (check the post out HERE), having never really heard of the brand at all really. I remember quickly falling in love with one of their Glowtion Daydew moisturiser…


My PLT Style | July

Each season I’m always on the look out for my top picks; I’m all about selecting those key pieces and making them work for every occasion this Summer. Whether that be for a festival, BBQ or simply just for your…


Non Surgical Rhinoplasty | SkinViva

Who knew you could get yourself a boots meal deal & a new nose all on your lunch break?  It’s not magic, no… It’s a little cosmetic procedure called Non Surgical Rhinoplasty that seems to be on the rise as an alternative…